University of Baguio Welcomes Delegates from Biliran Province State University

Biliran Province State University comes over to take a good look at University of Baguio's School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management

The University of Baguio was honored to host its partners from the Biliran Province State University as they came for a visit to learn how they can improve BIPSU.

Delegates from BIPSU stops by UB on September 9, 2022 to take a close look at UB’s SIHTM. BIPSU delegate hope to learn and benchmark one of UB’s top performing schools and study how the school is able to achieve its many successes.

Delegates from BIPSU included its president, Dr. Victor C. Canezo, Jr., deans from the different BIPSU schools, directors of BIPSU offices, and BIPSU faculty and staff. Overall, 29 delegates from the Biliran Province State University came to visit the University of Baguio.

The University of Baguio’s School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management is well known globally for being able to produce top notch professionals in the hospitality field. The school has garnered many awards locally and nationally, and has been recognized by many organizations, institutions, and businesses both nationally and internationally.

The BIPSU delegates were greeted with a welcome meeting attended by SIHTM faculty, the SIHTM dean – Ms. Jenelyn Magpatoc, UB’s VPAA – Dr. Janice Lonogan, and UB’s President – Engr. Javier Bautista. A wine toasting commemorated the new potential partnerships between both universities and a hearty lunch was served right after.

The BIPSU delegates were then given a tour of the state-of-the-art facilities of the SIHTM where they got to view and benchmark UB’s many good practices. The BIPSU delegates also visited the CHED office and Benguet State University after their visit at UB.

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