School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Readying you by linking academic knowledge with practical skills training, entrepreneurial know-how, and on-field industry experience and immersion, the School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management is called the Home of the Champions.

Our Mission

The School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management commits itself to train worldwide experts in the industry.

Our Objectives

The School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management provides an enjoyable and interactive training experience to produce graduate who:

  1. demonstrate mastery in knowledge and skills in the industry operations at par with international standards;
  2. exhibits required competence in the conduct of functions;
  3. performs quality services with sincerity, honesty, and integrity;
  4. utilizes researches in improving hospitality and tourism industry operations;
  5. upholds a deep sense of social responsibility and accountability in a multicultural setting; and
  6. delivers quality services driven by a passion for excellence.

Programs Offered

Our programs incorporate the exploration of numerous subjects that respond to evolving global and local communities.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management - International Hotel & Restaurant Operations


The BSHM-IHBO track is designed for aspiring managers, executives, and leaders for hotel chains and business establishments and companies.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management - Professional Culinary Arts


The BSHM-PCA track is the University of Baguio’s prized program for the culinary arts. Instruction incorporates training in the fundamentals of food production, nutrition, sanitation, menu design, plating, and its management and services.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management - International Tourism


The BSTM-IT program aims to deepen your understanding of tourism as both an experience and strategy, an advocacy and as business. 

Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts Catering Operations

AACACO - 2 years

Are you looking to start your own business and want to equip yourself with the necessary skills to be able to jumpstart your own entrepreneurial endeavors in a global standard? 

The AACACO program covers the rudimentary knowledge for you to empower yourself as a culinary arts and catering operations professional or entrepreneur.

International Presence

Dubbed as the Home of the Champions, the quality and impact of the School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management are felt in every region of the world—a testament to our unparalleled training and instruction in the fields of culinary arts, hospitality, travel and tourism management. 

Our students have benefitted from our simulations, hands-on mentoring, international OJT, site visits, and educational tours with state-of-the-art facilities and affiliation with various national and international companies, organizations, and corporations. 

 We champion for the breeding of new champions! 

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Our International Linkages

What makes a champion in the tourism and hospitality industry? An attention to details, informed decision-making, enthusiasm, and dedication to process and quality.

The University of Baguio’s School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management builds all these in our students from the curriculum to simulation, in theory and practice.

We have also partnered with admirable establishments and organizations around the world for tour studies and on-the-job training.

Our long list of alumni excelling in various hotel, restaurant, and leisure chains, airlines and tourism sites, and those who have started their own businesses are attestations to the graduates we build for the real world.


Your UB education is equal parts experience and training, industry immersion and executive build. 

Proud alumni of the School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management are found all over the globe, attending in flights, managing and serving in cruises and events, leading restaurants and hotels, and even establishing their own business.

Research & Development

The University of Baguio, located in the heart of the City of Pines and in the midst of the Salad Bowl of the Philippines, keeps its thrust to explore, document, cultivate, and share knowledge on the practices and culture of the Cordilleras, the Philippines, and reaching out towards the whole world.

Our research involvement explores various touchpoints in the tourism and hospitality industries, giving importance to culture, heritage, and places of interest as essential subjects, locale, and topics for research.

Champions Bulletin

At SIHTM, we believe that champions are made, not born. We believe that every student’s potential, skills, and talents can make him or her a Champion in his or her future field and career.

Our family continues to grow, not only with our population and alumni, but in our community work and involvement, outreach and extension, and capacity-building programs. 

Our Faculty Members

Guided by constant and focused training, a dedication to quality service, and a big heart for the tourism and hospitality industries, our educators at the School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management are constantly redefining our changing field.

Meet our passionate chefs, business savants, tourism professionals, and industry experts who are shaping future leaders.

News & Updates